for Waste disposal and treatment of drinking water

Water and Waste Water offers drinking water treatment and wastewater disposal services. The company provides drinking water purification, desalination, and distribution; wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal; and sludge treatment services. Holding Company for Water and Waste Water was founded in 2004 and is based in Cairo, Egypt.

strategic objectives to be implemented for the benefit of the Egyptian citizen; the State considered the establishment of the Holding Company for

Firmly committed to the environment, Overseas participates in the integral water cycle which involves the supply of drinking water, sewerage and the treatment of waste water, the intake and purification of water and its final distribution to the consumer. Another of our company’s fields of action is the collection, sorting and handling of solid urban and industrial wastes.

Overseas has great experience in the supply and installation of equipment for building water and wastes treatment plants, the fruit of the large number of installations of this type that it has built.

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  • Head office : 107 masr alsoudan st, Hadeak alkouba